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Rehabilitative Movement 

Proper movement is the key to longevity and wellness—a body that doesn’t move well is bound to feel tight and tense. Over time, this can lead to inflammation, pain, degeneration, and chronic disorders. Rehabilitative exercises help to restore proper body motion and to repattern neuromuscular pathways, so you move better without having to think about it. 

How it Works

Improper movement patterns increase the risk of injury in the short term, and can make you susceptible to poor posture, decreased performance, and tissue degeneration, over time. Proper, consistent movement keeps the body working well and without pain or limitation. 


While there are common patterns of dysfunction in how we move because of our lifestyles and the ways we use technology, each of us has unique needs to restore proper movement patterns. 


Individualized exercise programs can help you restore flexibility and strength, reduce pain, and improve posture. They also help you retain the results you experience through chiropractic and myofascial release therapy in the office.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Do your muscles feel achy and tight?

Both overactivity and underactivity can leave you feeling tight. When your body isn’t moving the way it was designed to, muscles tense up and inflammation makes you feel stiff. Things like sitting at a desk all day, long commutes, and staring at our phones for extended periods of time can leave us feeling just as sore as a hard workout! Active rehab exercises target the areas that aren’t moving well and restore optimal function. 

Have you plateaued in your fitness goals?

There are many reasons we might find ourselves on a plateau. If you find yourself struggling to hit your next personal record at the gym, you can’t get your race time down no matter how much you train, or your body just isn’t feeling great while you move, specific rehab exercises can help! 


Stop doing what everyone else is doing and find out WHY you’re not improving. Mobility, strength, and flexibility throughout the body are critical to reaching your goals. Get an individualized plan to increase your performance and break through that plateau.