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Chiropractic Orange CA

Doctor of Chiropractic & Functional Medicine Provider

Meet Dr. Danielle

"As a chiropractor in Orange, CA and trained in functional medicine,
I use a root-cause approach to determine the specific needs of my patients and serve as their partner on the path to a healthier life."


Dr. Danielle Lamirande helps her patients live life to the fullest. Offering a holistic approach to your health, she helps you feel better and achieve optimal function.

Blending chiropractic techniques and functional medicine, Dr. Danielle offers personalized care that gets at the root cause of what’s affecting your health and comfort. She doesn’t just treat the symptoms—she treats the problem! 


Dr. Danielle’s approach allows her to uncover and treat areas of your body that are not working the way they’re supposed to—so that you can feel and perform at 100%.

Chiropractic Orange CA
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A Haven of Health, A Whole Body Practice

Dr. Danielle found chiropractic and functional medicine on her own path to health and healing. This is why she believes so passionately in personalized medicine and comprehensive care, and it’s why she is committed to seeking out new therapies and protocols to support her patients’ health. 


She attended Life Chiropractic College West and Southern California University of Health Sciences, where she studied Functional Medicine and earned her Doctorate of Chiropractic. She is certified in Webster Perinatal Chiropractic, Myofascial Cupping, and utilizes Graston Fascial work and Active Release Technique. 


Getting people moving better in their bodies and empowered to optimize their health is Dr. Danielle's greatest passion. She helps her patients feel fantastic so they can get back to their fulfilled lives, their relationships, and to ultimately get the most out of every single day.