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Chiropractor Orange CA

Take your health into your own hands. As a Chiropractor in Orange CA, Dr. Danielle combines chiropractic care, soft tissue therapy, and functional medicine to help you live the life you deserve.

Meet Dr. Danielle

Doctor of Chiropractic & Functional Medicine Practitioner 

Dr. Danielle Lamirande helps her patients in the greater Orange, CA area live life to the fullest. Offering a holistic approach to your health, she helps you feel better and achieve optimal function.

Blending chiropractic techniques and functional medicine, Dr. Danielle offers personalized care that gets at the root cause of what’s affecting your health and comfort. She doesn’t just treat the symptoms—she treats the problem! 

Guided by principles of genuine, empathetic, and empowering medical care, Dr. Danielle meets you where you are in your health journey and helps you heal.

Chiropractor Orange CA
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What Chiropractic Care Includes:

Webster-Certified Chiropractic 

Dr. Danielle is a Webster certified perinatal chiropractor and uses this technique to help pregnant women have pain-free pregnancies and empowering birth experiences.  

Manual Adjustments

A skilled Chiropractor in a variety of techniques, Dr. Danielle offers manual adjustments, as well as gentle, low-force adjustments so that you get the care you feel comfortable with. 

Myofascial Release

Dr. Danielle offers soft-tissue therapy to address tightness and tension. You will leave her chiropractic office in Orange, CA feeling unparalleled release in addition to benefits of improved circulation and enhanced detoxification.

Rehabilitative Movement 

Screen time, busy lives, and overtraining has led to an epidemic of poor movement patterns and bad posture. Dr. Danielle uses specific evidence-based exercises to help you recover from daily stressors to feel you best. 

Chiropractor Orange CA

Chiropractic Care Orange CA

Personalized chiropractic care means you can enjoy your highest level of health and wellness. At Verve Chiropractic, located in Orange, Dr. Danielle helps you identify your wellness goals and start taking action steps to live your best life.

Dr Danielle is amazing! She has helped me through all kinds of physical transitions in my life from back and knee pain deriving from excess weight gain, to changes in my body as I was preparing for child birth. Her office is warm, safe and loving and she has always had a solution for any pains that I am dealing with. I highly recommend her services!

- Wanzi P.

I'm almost 8 months pregnant and Dr. Danielle has been doing adjustments throughout my pregnancy to keep my neck, back, hips and round ligaments limber. After her adjustments, all ligament stiffness is gone and my belly feels like it sits more naturally. I was a bit worried that pregnancy would resurface old injuries, but with her help it's been a very enjoyable experience. If you're looking for a chiropractor who's kind, personal and cares deeply about your health - especially while pregnant - this is your gal!!

- Kate A. 

"I started seeing Dr. Danielle a few months ago to treat some hip/lower back pain. Because I am active and participate in sports other issues pop up from time to time and Dr. Danielle has treated those, too. From the beginning the pain in my hip/lower back has gone away and there's more mobility in the areas she's treated. She has always gone above and beyond anything I've experienced from other chiropractors. I highly recommend Dr. Danielle!"

- William J.

Dr. Danielle has done great things for my back and body. I have a spine condition that requires a lot of care and day to day assessment. She uses a different approach every visit to ensure the best treatment for me on that day. So many other practitioners use a one size fits all approach which does not work for me. She is also super easy to talk to and understands the female body and has helped me in other ways too- both with increasing energy and decreasing inflammation. I'm so glad I found her!!!

- Steph D. 

Chiropractor Orange CA

Chiropractor Orange CA

Dr. Danielle Is Your Orange Chiropractor for Personalized Care

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Chiropractor Orange CA

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